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Ways How Professionals Prepare Concrete before Applying the Sealer

Since concrete is porous, water can easily enter inside it and can disintegrate the structure. Additionally, stains can easily form on the surface of the concrete. So, to prevent these things, applying a sealant on the concrete becomes necessary and today, we will discuss how the professionals in Perth prepare the concrete before sealing.

1) Cleaning the Concrete

The first step is to remove the dirt and dust from the floor. So, cleaning new concrete before sealing in Perth is always necessary. To do this, the professionals remove everything present on the floor and clean the area using a sweeping broom or a vacuum cleaner.

2) Removing the Spills and Grease

After removing the dirt and dust, the professionals remove the spills and grease and to do this they use mineral spirits or other customised cleaning solutions that are produced specifically for removing the stains and spills.

The specialists use a trowel or a scrubbing brush as these tools make removing the grease convenient.

3) Final Touches

Now, in the next step, the specialists will carry out the final step required to make the concrete clean. Here, they will apply phosphoric acid or a related solution to remove any remaining grease or hard to remove stains and particles.

To carry out the process efficiently, the professionals will use a scrubbing broom or related equipment, and to remove the remaining solution they will use a power washer.

4) Drying

When everything is complete, the professionals providing the sealing and commercial concrete washing in Perth will make sure that the floor gets dry completely before they can move to the next step, and for this, they will wait for 24 hours.

5) Repairing the Concrete

Now that the cleaning process is complete, it’s time for repairing the cracks. The sealing specialists will caulk to fill the gaps and let them dry completely before they can move to the next step.

The caulk might take up to a week to get fully dry. Also, to make the caulk smooth, the professionals will use a trowel.

6) Choosing the Sealer

After the caulk has fully dried up, it is now time to choose the sealer according to the type of floor that you have.

For smooth concrete cleaning and sealing in Perth, the professionals might choose acrylic sealer. On the other hand for sealing a garage or an industrial floor, they might choose Epoxy as they are more durable and are resistant to a variety of chemicals.

7) Studying the Instructions

After choosing the sealant, the specialists will read the user manual to learn the ways of its application to achieve the best finish. The manual will include the preferred temperature for storage and application.

8) Final Steps

Lastly, after reading the user manual, the professionals will start the application since the preparation is complete. But before that, they will create proper ventilation so that the sealant can get dry. Moreover, it helps to apply the solution effectively.

Thus, in this way, the specialists prepare concrete before applying the sealant to achieve the desired results.

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